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Growing up, Noé never dared to dream of pursuing a career in the music industry. 

Born in Paris and raised between Hong Kong and France (Aix En Provence), she picked up her first guitar at the age of 9 and has yet to put it down. At the time, Noé was battling with health issues and music quickly became her loyal companion and confidant. Before the age of 10, she had written a handful of songs that she would proudly perform in front of her family and friends given the occasion. However, she always thought of music as a habit, something she could come home to after school and explore while she took breaks from her scientific studies. In fact, throughout High School, Noé longed to study tropical diseases and travel the world in search for cures. She had even started applying to Medical school before she made a drastic decision: Noé chose to take some time to focus on her passion for music, and see what would come of it. In March 2012, she was accepted into Boston’s prestigious “Berklee College of Music” where she studied Songwriting for 4 years. 

As a singer-songwriter, Noé strives to create entertaining yet thought-provoking music. Her indie-electronic sound combining musical hooks and challenging lyrics creates tracks worth talking about. In fact, when she premiered her first release through the magazine NOT MAD in October 2015, Noé’s first single LADY was referred to as “an unabashedly sexy, assertive and alluring attack on this seemingly undying and yet incredibly relevant sexual double-standard of condemning women and championing men”. Noé followed up LADY with two more singles entitled Dream You and In The Dark, the later being a brave and powerful anthem dedicated to the tragic events that occurred in Paris, November 13, 2015.      

During her time in Boston, Noé performed in local venues including, The Sinclair, The RedRoom, and The Institute of Contemporary Art, each show selling out. In July 2016, Noé and her 3 bandmates travelled to Montréal, Canada to perform at its international music festival “Osheaga” alongside Radiohead, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Lana Del Rey and many more.  

Noé gained a lot of traction following her releases and shows, leading to a collaboration with one of Future Bass’ frontrunners, Lucian. Their track “Fly By Night” topped Hype Machine’s chart at #1, and peaked on Spotify’s viral charts. This successful alliance led to Noé receiving further attention and collaboration requests. In September 2016, she released a song with producer Mickey Valen through the label “Lowly Palace”, which proved to be her most successful track yet with over 38Million plays across platforms and reposts from artists such as The Chainsmokers. 

Noé is currently in LA, writing for renowned artists and working on her next EP with award winning producers. Her upcoming music will further explore her future soul and funky sonorities. However, with a collaboration with Corporate Slackrs set for an early 2017 release, Noé has yet to turn her back on the future bass world. Keep an eye out, as greater things are to be expected from Her! 



"The future pop star delivers another banger track just in time for someone to finally determine what the hell the actual Song of the Summer is."


"The perfect combination of tempo and good vibes on [Fly By Night ft. Noé] is nothing short of extraordinary and the vocal talents of Noé carry the beauty of this song soulfully".


"Noé's captivating approach to electronically rich indie-pop sets her on the same stage as other game-changing vocalists including BANKS and Nao." 


"[Lady] succeeds as an unabashedly sexy, assertive and alluring attack on this seemingly undying and yet incredibly relevant sexual double-standard of condemning women and championing men."


"[Berklee's] student-run label Heavy Rotation Records took over the Sinclair — their first release party away from the Berklee confines — showcasing several young artists featured on their latest comp: The Trap Music Orchestra, Glow Team, Honeysuckle, M+E, Symone, Wessanders, and French electronic pop singer Noé, who might have stolen the show"

the michigan daily

"Extremely polished for an artist as unestablished as Noé, the song should be raking in Spotify listens and climbing iTunes charts."