Hey it’s Noé. I find 3rd person bios a little weird so here’s me trying to be different (story of my life). I was born in Paris but grew up between Hong Kong and what I call the “pretty part” of France; a little town in the south named Aix en Provence. I know it’s an odd combo, but I’m really grateful for it. Around 9, I started playing guitar and writing songs - don’t get me wrong though, I was no prodigy, they were awful. All throughout high school, I had every intention to go to med school but I somehow got sidetracked and ended up graduating from Berklee College of Music, Boston in 2016. Now I’m based in LA with a visa saying I’m a French singer/songwriter which means the only way I can pay rent is by singing and songwriting, so hopefully I got better at it. I’m so excited to say that my debut EP ”ibynoé” is now OUT EVERYWHERE! I’ve quite literally poured my sweat and tears into it - seriously, I wish I could be as honest in person as I am in my writing - so I hope you’ll listen xx